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Gravitas Motors, founded in 2016, is a modern “Fair Price from the Start” dealership that has your best interests at heart. This policy helps to remove the stress from the car or truck buying process and that’s what you deserve. If haggling over price isn’t your thing and makes you feel uncomfortable, we get it. If you want to haggle a bit over price, we can accommodate that too. Just keep it in mind that our “Fair Price from the Start” policy usually means we won’t have a lot of wiggle room but we appreciate the “Art of the Deal” as much as anyone. We offer financing for a wide variety of situations, including Great Credit to Not So Good Credit; No Credit; Self-Employed; Other income (ie. Divorce, Child-Support); Cash income; Retirement income and other situations. We also take trade-ins when you're purchasing a vehicle from us. Our inventory covers a wide variety of vehicles, years, makes and models, so we'd like to be the No Hassle dealer that sells you your next vehicle. We offer these types of vehicles: Luxury makes and models, SUV’s, Trucks, AWD, 4x4, Cross-Overs, Sports Cars, Motorcycles and Trailers and RV’s (from time-to-time). If we don’t have it in stock we do offer a car buying service as well that we call our Concierge Buying Service. Please ask for details on this service. Gravitas Motors strives to be the fair and trustworthy dealership for all your car or truck buying needs. Please call, text, email or stop by today.

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